Brighten Your Bathroom!

Careful consideration is needed when planning lighting for your bathroom. Successful bathroom lighting eliminates shadows and creates a relaxing atmosphere, as well as providing task lighting. A combination of task and ambient lighting is ideal for bathrooms, as it addresses each function of the bathroom separately.As most bathroom tasks revolve around the mirror and vanity, it is important to provide plenty of illumination for this space. Wall lighting mounted above, or either side of a mirror shines light directly on your face, eliminating shadows and ensuring optimal visibility for shaving and makeup application.

Brighten Your Bathroom!

Long linear wall lights are perfect for mounting above square or rectangular mirrors. Depending on the mirror size you may consider centring one fitting, leaving space either side; or mounting two shorter fittings, a great option for 'his and her' vanities.

Mounting wall lights either side of the mirror are a popular choice for creating a decorative feature out of task lighting. As a general guideline, mount the wall lights at eye level and typically 700-1000mm apart, so the light beams overlap and eliminate shadows on the face.

Our range of bathroom wall lights has options from all over the world to suit any bathroom style, but if you have something specific in mind and can't find it in our collection, with our friendly sales team to see if they can source it for you! For more bathroom lighting inspiration, check out our Pinterest board

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