David Trubbridge Light Guide | How to style David's designs in your space

There are many considerations when adding lighting to your space especially in the case of David Trubridge's intricate range. Never fear David has a guide to help you make the perfect choice for space.

Shadow effect:

David Trubridge lights are unique. They create an ambient, rich atmosphere, evoking intimacy and warmth within a space. David's kitset lights generate shadows and patterns that reflect on the surrounding surfaces; take this into consideration when you are selecting which light to buy. What surfaces do you have in your home which might make the most of the projected reflections? Generally, the closer the light is to the surface itself, the crisper the patterns; think of walls, tables or ceilings. It's also important to consider just how much light is required for your purposes. If you feel patterns would be distracting upon a work surface (such as a desk or kitchen bench), Kina would be a good option as its enlarged aperture softens the intensity of the shadows. This is a good rule to go by; the smaller the aperture, the sharper the resulting reflections. 

Day & Night Colourations

It might seem minor, but there's a difference between the colour of David's lights when the bulb is switched on, or off. If you love the depth and richness of David's colour palette, be aware that this does soften and appear much lighter once the light is on.

Custom Colours

If you have a specific colour in mind that you'd like your light produced in, get in touch. David offers a customised colour service (at an additional cost) and can match to any Resene Lustacryl swatch.


Nature Of The Room

A kitchen or dining room might suit a Kina or Flax, both circular lights that don't use a lot of hanging space. Smaller spherical lights such as Coral or Floral could also work in this situation where work and conversation flow is important, or ceilings are lower. David's mini lights look spectacular when arranged in a promenade or a cluster together. Rooms with higher ceilings, corridors or stairwells can work well with more elongated pieces such as Koura or Hinaki. Generally the bigger the space, the larger the light and impact.


The Position

- The closer the light to the surface, the crisper the shadows; however, if the surface (or wall, in this case) is textured, the effect will be softened. 

- If the light is positioned closely to a smooth surface, then the patterns will be sharply defined. 

The nature of the room/space is an important element to consider. Will you find patterns and shadows distracting on your desk or working surface? If not, Flax (above) is a good option for above benches, tables and so on, while Kina will be equally suitable but will impart softer reflections. 

Smaller lights look beautiful displayed together, and can often be more effective than one larger feature piece (above and below).

- Stairwells can become dynamic spaces by adding a series of lights, and can be a good chance to mix sizes and styles.

Hinaki brings life to narrow spaces and alcoves.

- Elongated, tall lights such as Nikau and Hinaki are great in spaces blessed with high ceilings.  


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