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David Trubridge is one of our collective favourites, not only for his leading sustainable practices but for this respect for nature, sharing this through his organic style designs. 

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Davids Mission

David’s company is driven by a strong environmentally conscious philosophy which informs all aspects of design and production. Such motivations come before profit.
Davids aim is “to provide cultural nourishment, to tell stories, to reach people emotionally and spiritually; the objects are a vehicle for the nourishment we so badly lack in all the pragmatic and consumer stuff we are surrounded with. And the other reason I design is to recreate that vital connection to nature that we have lost so much, living in insulated cities.”

David has had a long-standing passion for the environment, deepened by his time at sea. In 2004 he was selected for the Antarctica Arts Fellowship program, which allowed him to spend several weeks in this remote and ecologically delicate location. It was an experience that inspired David to heighten his pursuit of environmental sensitivity.

Bamboo Environmental Lighting Collection | Lighting CollectiveDavid's Footprint

David’s personal life and his design work are inseparable, both rely on nature for nourishment and inspiration. The company David runs is respected globally for its early awareness of sustainable practices. David aspires to lead, not follow, green business models.


Davids products use only the minimal amount of materials and are generated with a focus on longevity, rather than mimicking quick-moving trends. Shipping and freight is often reduced by the introduction of the Seed System. These come flat packed and ready for the customer to assemble. Larger, more complex kitsets are also shipped as flat packs, with distributors constructing them in preparation for the market. Because the intentions of Davids design process lie in artistically representing or retelling nature, or designs feel that way. We don't design to sell or satisfy markets. 

- All bamboo (our primary material) is secondary product, from renewable forests in China grown as a food source. We have visited these plantations and are satisfied with the quality of their systems.

- All solid timber is sourced from sustainably farmed forests in New Zealand, South America and USA.

Harmful toxins are avoided throughout. Bamboo plywood and MDF boards with an E0 glue rating are used, so there are no risks from formaldehyde. Where a finish is required water-based paints are used.

- All products are designed to generate a minimal amount of wastage and are nested as closely as possible when cut.

Made In

Davids Studio was built with as many eco features as possible. It was the first wooden-framed commercial building in Hawkes Bay and features LED lighting, insulated ceilings and a workshop with fully piped underfloor heating. Fruit trees have been planted to create a living food source on the property, we also allow locals to use our property for beekeeping (four hives on site) and grazing (two cows).We chose Meridian Energy as a supplier due to the 100% renewable energy they generate. All waste from the factory is sorted into relevant categories and sent to recycling facilities at our expense; sawdust is clean incinerated at local plant to generate electricity; food waste is composted. By manufacturing our products here in our factory we can control all processes including being aware daily of the waste we produce and find ways to reduce it. For example, waste sent to landfill is currently one 240L 'wheely bin' per fortnight (similar to one household).Bamboo Environmental Lighting Collection | Lighting Collective


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