Kitchen Pendants

Kitchen Pendants

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They say kitchens are the most important area of the home and lighting needs to be carefully planned to consider the various tasks that take place in the area, especially with the shift to open up kitchens as a space for entertaining guests.
Pendant lights are a great choice to add a decorative touch to your space, providing a statement of your individual taste and enhancing the locale of a room. 
Island bench pendants can be used as task lighting in the kitchen however, to ensure that you have sufficient lighting without narrowing your options, we always recommend a combined lighting plan - integrating LED downlightstrack lighting or cabinet lighting- in areas where task lighting is a must such as near the stove or sink.
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Pendant lighting is a reflection of your personality and with the countless options on the market, there's a style to suit any space whether you prefer a Hamptons, minimal, traditional, Scandinavian style (just to name a few) we have something for every taste. The size of your kitchen and island bench will influence the size and number of pendants you may use. Typically, a row of two or three pendants provides a visually appealing statement.
The material of a pendant can vastly change the effect that it produces:

Glass can provide a stunning, yet subtle statement and maintain a light airy feel in the room; shooting light in all directions.  
Kitchen Pendants
Alternatively, metal pendants can add an elegant metallic touch to your space, complementing existing fittings and directing light downwards to create task lighting.
Country Style Pendant Lights | Lighting Collective
Aspects of kitchen pendant lighting that can be daunting for some is determining the height to hang the pendants and distance apart to space them. Getting the height of a pendant right is essential to create the desired effect and ensure functionality; hang a pendant too high and it can get lost in the space, too low and it can get in your way.  

For standard 2.1m ceilings, pendants should generally be hung around 70-80cm above the island bench. However, for higher ceilings you will need to raise them slightly, typically around 7-8cm for each 30cm. 

Most pendant light suspensions (whether on cords, chains or rods) are easily shortened by your electrician during installation, and some are able to be lengthened (please get in touch before purchase to confirm).
Kitchen Pendants 
Kitchen Pendant Lights Collection | Lighting Collective
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