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Light Years Opening Burleigh Heads

With three unique restaurants now in Burleigh Heads, Noosa, and Byron Bay, we chat with owner Kim Stephen on the concept of his latest creation, and what a dining delight it is.






Where did the vision for the venue originate?


It was important for us to create a venue that was light and bright throughout the day whilst maintaining a softer aesthetic at night. The first thing we did to achieve this was to rip out the entrance ceiling and replace it with a white polycarbonate laserlite roof that gave the bar and its opposing entrance space a beautiful natural light. We then lit this space with different coloured LED's, using the white surfaces as a conductor to flood sections of the entrance and bar space with different hues and tones.





How would you describe the design of the venue?


The overall aesthetic of the venue is hard to describe. Perhaps its lux tropical? Perhaps its modern retro. Perhaps it's none of those things - but so much more. I approach design in a complimentary way. Everything should complement, yet nothing should feel overwhelming or overused. 








Where did the inspiration for the design originate?


I always try and create different areas and zones. A restaurant with 80 of the same chairs and tables, same lights, and same coloured walls seems boring.
If I can create an interest in different areas of the restaurant, then the next time you visit, sitting in a different area might feel like an entirely new experience. That's exciting to me. And I think our customers have come to appreciate that as well.






What are your favourite items?

I have many favourite items but perhaps a few of them include Catherine Martin's beautiful jungle/tropical/banana wallpaper we have along our back wall. This wallpaper then partially served as inspiration for my next favourite item - a custom banana painting by our good friend and super talent Jai Vasicek. To think he painted this custom piece for us on the very day we opened is not only incredible but serves as a poignant marker to how this place truly did come together in the very last minutes. And lastly - the 'Powder Room' neon that I designed and had made by my superstar neon maker - Trev from Neon Magic







How and why is lighting important in your venue and for commercial interiors?


Lighting and music are two of the most important factors in any good restaurant. The mood that the two combined can create will ultimately determine the level of comfort of your customers. How long they stay, how much they eat and drink, and how much they enjoy their overall experience at your venue. I also view the lighting as pieces of artwork. It is for this reason that all of our lights are somewhat of a mixed bag. Whilst they compliment the area they are in, there are no more than three of the same internal feature lights. It is this mixture of different light sources coming from different lights themselves that adds to the playfulness of our venue whilst offering an interesting talking point for customers.






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