Tuscan Trendsetters - Luxury European Lighting

Tuscan Trendsetters - Luxury European Lighting

Lighting Collective is excited to introduce this unique and modern Italian lighting range . These stunning lights are 100% Italian designed and hand made, crafted with high quality materials, inspired by natures beauty and elements of Tuscany.

Great care is taken in the choice of materials and the many finishes, which facilitate their use in many different projects. 

These decorative lights focus on functionality and enhancing the interior style of commercial and residential projects. 

At Lighting Collective we are in love with this range by designer Collin drew inspiration after he hitchhiked to Italy and found himself (and future wife), near Florence at Sesto Fiorentino.

At that time, in the 80’s it was hiving with artisan workshops making ceramic, brass and glass wares. After a period of 10 years (and two sons) in this artisan beehive he decided, encouraged by his wife, to go it alone with his first production in terracotta.

These modern lights fittings focus on quality and detail using innovative forms which are designed with traditional methods of production.

The inspiration for this range is to always promote the qualities of the Tuscan territory through design.

This Italian lighting design carries respect for traditional methods of manufacture, attention to detail and the close control of the whole production, transforming into unique and refined pieces that combine well with the needs of today’s designers. 

This is a beautifully crafted unique range of Spanish, Mediterranean indoor and outdoor lighting.

More than 90% of everything made is produced directly by themselves or locally by partner craftsmen, all within the Tuscan region. In fact, rather than Made In Italy, we could almost say Made In Tuscany.



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