Bedroom Lighting Tips

Bedroom Lighting Tips

Your bedroom is your sanctuary, a place to retreat and unwind after a busy day. Bedroom lighting should evoke a feeling of pure comfort and reflect your personal style.

As we recommend for most rooms in the house, a combined lighting plan provides layers of light and allow you to utilise each light for a specific task or use them all together to set the mood.

Bedroom pendant lighting ideas are vast, but can be narrowed down depending on the style and size of your space – as well as your intended position for them in the room. Pendant lights and chandeliers placed in the centre of the room create an elegant and decorative feature which not only provides a focal point, but provide general lighting for the space.

A modern bedroom lighting trend, is to suspend pendant lights above bedside tables. This striking accessory frees up the surface for other objects and décor while providing both functional and decorative illumination. There are some incredible adjustable pendants available which allow you to position the shade to direct light for tasks such as reading.

 French Bedroom | AB Kasha DesignCeramic Pendant Light | Pipkorn KilpatrickAdjustable Pendant Light | Lighting Collective

Ceiling lights provide a decorative lighting source for bedrooms with low ceilings, where pendant lighting or chandeliers may not be an option. Whether you prefer rustic or luxe, Scandi or industrial, we have flush or semi flush ceiling light options for every space. For a more subtle and modern effect consider using recessed downlights, in particular, styles with the light source set back in the ceiling to minimise glare. Ensure you position downlights carefully to light areas with mirrors, artwork or surfaces, so that light is used effectively.


Bedroom lamps act as both decor and lighting, offering warmth and ambience when placed on dressers or bedside tables. Bedside lamp choices include options with fabric (often drum-shaped) shades for soft general lighting, or adjustable frames to position light to suit your needs. The ideal height for a bedside lamp will have it casting light at the height that you would hold a book in bed. A basic guide for the bottom of the lamp shade around 500mm above the mattress.

Scandinavian Bedside Table Lamp | Lighting CollectivePineapple Table Lamp in Bedroom | Lighting CollectiveNina Provan Interior Design 

Wall lights can be utilized in various areas of the bedroom to create an atmosphere, highlight artwork, or provide direct lighting for reading. Wall washers can be positioned around the room to provide indirect, atmospheric lighting. Picture lights highlight decorative features in the room. Bedside wall lights provide adjustable function for a beautiful decorative look without cluttering up the ceiling or the bedside table.

Antique Silver Wall Light | Lighting CollectiveAdjustable Wall Light | Lighting Collective


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