Decorating  D.I.Y — Dried Botanicals

Decorating D.I.Y — Dried Botanicals

Spring has sprung and inspiration is blooming. Looking for that Sunday DIY project to get your creative energy is flowing? Why not make the most of the off the beautiful foliage surrounding you and add a touch of lasting Spring to your space. Well, I have their perfect spring project for you, drying your own botanicals. Scroll below to read how.

Dried Botanicals and Mint Pendant Light | Lighting Collective

Choice: Think about the colours and textures of your space, what botanical will suit best. Also choose low-maintenance botanicals that will dry thoroughly such as; Baby’s Breath, Lavender, Anise Hyssop and Cotton to name a few. Adding Sculptural twigs and willow branches can also look great!

Determine: the best method for the botanicals picked, there are 3 easy ways to dry your botanicals:

1. Air drying flowers are best when they are just beginning to open and sturdy blooms such as lavender.

2. Microwaving works best for flowers with many petals and no hairy or sticky surface such as roses.

3. Pressing works best with small, flat flowers, such as pansies. Pick the flowers when half-open and firm, before petals start dropping.

Experiment: After selecting the botanicals, have a play with the arrangement and containers and be inventive! Baskets, tote bags old jars, your latest pottery project that best suits your desired style.

Interior Design Lighting | Lighting CollectiveAir Drying

You will need:
- Flowers (that are just beginning to bloom)
- Wire
- Twine
- Hook, nail or coat hanger
- Hairspray


1. Prepare the flowers you have chosen in bunches, strip each flower stem of the leaves and separate the flowers by species, make bunches of the small flowers but larger flowers should be dried individually. If your flower has a weak stem wrap wire around to help support.

2. Tightly wrap the twine around the ends of the stem leaving about 40cm dangling to tie upside down.

3. Hang your bunch upside down in a warm dark, dry location and airy place, preventing rotting fading and mould. Make sure to hang 15cm below the ceiling. you can hang these from hooks, nails or coat hangers.

4. Wait 1 week and then tighten the twine as the flower drys

5. After 2-4 weeks when the petals have become crisp.
Hot Tip: If you don't want straight stems, soften them into the water and bend to the desired shape and hold them down until they dry again.

6. Preserve your arrangement with hairspray hold about 30cm away from the bunch.


Microwave & Desiccant

You will need:

- Silica gel
-  Microwave-safe container
- Tooth Pick
- 1/2 a cup of water
- Brush
- Hairspray


1. Cut the stems short approximately 2-5cm

2. Pour Silica gel into a microwave safe container and fill 5cm deep

3. Carefully position your flowers the right side up with around 2cm space around each flower.
Then pour more silica gel over the top. Use a toothpick to arrange petals that get bent out of shape.

4. Place contain and a 1/2 a cup of water into the microwave and set to 2 minutes. Test with a toothpick to see if dry. If not, heat again for 30 sec intervals. Time will vary in regard to the thickness of petals.

5. Remove from microwave and leave for 24 hours the smaller the flower leave longer and the larger the flower can be left for less time.

6. Brush cooled flowers with a fine brush and hairspray to keep the shape


Pressing Flowers

You will need:

- Sheets of matt, non-gloss paper (newspaper, cardboard or tissue paper)
- Large book


1. Arrange flowers on paper and place the second layer of paper over the top

2. Press the flowers with an evenly dispersed weight such as a book and keep in a warm dry place.

3. Wait 1 week and replace paper with fresh and dry sheets and place weights back over the top

4. After 2-3 weeks remove weights and paper and you will have your dried flowers.

Hot Tip: These are great to glue to paper and frame.



Keep the botanicals out of direct sunlight and heaters this will quickly fade the colours. Don't forget to give them a light dusting to keep your argument looking fresh.

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