Meet Your Maker || Naomi Taplin

Meet Your Maker || Naomi Taplin

Pastel colouring and organic shapes, all made entirely by hand - what's not to love about the work of this talented Sydney-based ceramicist. Driven by her firm belief in not just the necessity for great design but by notions of sustainability and longevity, Naomi Taplin created Studio Enti in 2013 after completing her Bachelor of Design at the College of Fine Arts

Her stunning hand-crafted earthenware is a regular feature in Gourmet Traveller (and various other home magazines), providing the perfect picturesque base that is sure to make food look even more enticing. Here at Lightworks however, we can’t get enough of this talented lady’s range of porcelain pendant lights. 

The beautiful gradient colouring is inspired by the calm at the close of the day, with options including pastel blue, soft grey and stormy hues. 

Offering soft and ambient lighting, Naomi's pendant lights are available in your choice of ‘light’ or ‘dark’. The light ceramic has translucent qualities, producing beautiful diffused lighting which bring an earthy and organic contrast to modern glossy surfaces or soft furnishings

As if all this wasn’t enough, she’s branching into the amazing Japanese art of Kintsugi – it’s safe to say we’re pretty excited to see her breathe new life into previously “damaged goods”

Click here to shop her stunning pendant lights on our website, or get in touch to discuss custom colours to suit your space!



Photography courtesy of Studio Enti
and PIpkorn & Kilpatrick

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