Organic Forms Inspired By Mother Nature

One of the biggest trends that has come out of Milan Design Week, with interior and lifestyle trends adopting a more organic feel in 2020, designer lighting is naturally following suit. The trend enhances comfortable living whilst maintaining style. The connection between humanity and nature is what is inspiring a lot of the design.  

Contrasting to some of the straight-lined lighting fixtures on the market now, this coastal chic trend celebrates natural materials and rustic surfaces. Shapes that take their impressions from essence of mother nature with woven natural fibres such as wicker and rattan is a popular choice as people strive to achieve a light and airy look in their homes. Natural fibres like rattan, rope, and other woven grasses add a warm bohemian element and provide a sense of casual freedom wherever you put them. This globally inspired look is composed of earthy materials and handmade touches.




The Swish Beaded Chandelier and Frill Handmade Clay Beaded Chandelier are handmade in Africa by a beautiful community in Kwazulu Nata. This clay beaded chandelier is a statement piece crafted to achieve a beautiful boho style. 

With each clay bead hand rolled, kiln fired, then dip dyed before being strung onto a wrought iron frame, this organic chandelier is designed for those who prefer a boho aesthetic.

The beads from our Klaylife collection can be dipped died to any Pantone or Dulux colours, handcrafted so each piece is completely unique.




5 lamp holders hide behind driftwood arms which are held by a nice solid iron frame work. A truly original fitting that is sure to create a natural earthy feeling in your space, evoking warmth and intimacy. Each item is made by individual artisans and therefore each item is different and individual. Each piece is individually cut, welded, beaded or scrolled and then either hand-dyed or hand-painted and powder coated. Made by artists who respect the environment and don't believe in mass production. Designed in Byron Bay. 

Bang's modern simplistic shape meets complexity though lava stone material creating a uniquely beautiful juxtaposition in its design. The natural formation of lava stone creates large pores in the stone with other minerals and crystals often embedded within, rendering each piece truly unique. Bang is fitted with machined and hand polished brass or black anodised aluminium fixings and works in a singular setting or a cluster perfect feature for lighting for modern interiors.





The revised boho-chic style is more versatile in its application. Refined and polished, we are seeing minimalist natural fibre pendant shades and organically made materials, a variation of traditional boho-glam. This free spirited individualists movement meshes easily with popular mid-century modern, Scandanavian, Hamptons, Eclectic and Farmhouse Furnishings styles. It is able to be worked into almost all interior aesthetics, making it a future-proof investment. Textures are coastal inspired and are expanding into more unusual shapes and colours.





Beading, tassels, distressed finishes, hammered metals, and decorative scrolls are all trademarks of the bohemian style. Give your space an effortless style and well-traveled elegance with chandeliers made up of wooden beads, embracing the trend whilst giving a contemporary twist to an interior space.



A stunning sphere table lamp crafted from resin to form this organic design. A light that adds that warm light and textured details to your interior.  A decorative piece in and of itself that works best singularly or as a pair. 

Full of character, this unique plywood floor lamp is sure to make a statement! Designed and made in Norway, the bent shade consists of 32 individual wood strips. Made by hand using the traditional tools and techniques of Norwegian laminated wood crafts. Oak and walnut were carefully selected for their ability to create sweeping, sculptural shapes while retaining their strength and durability.

Encased in the shade is a satin nickel stem, topped with a mouth-blown frosted opal sphere. The sphere acts to gently diffuse the light for ambient lighting with minimal glare. A true work of art, this floor lamp looks stunning when on or off.

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