Spring Inspiration || Festive Festoon Fun

Spring Inspiration || Festive Festoon Fun

As our crisp evenings give way to long days and exquisite sunsets, it’s clear that the summer season is rapidly approaching in Byron Bay.

Aside from the obvious natural appeal that graces us at this time of year, as usual we’re excited for festoon season!  

One of the most versatile lighting options on the market, festoons are no longer reserved just for events. String lights can be used to create a charming and romantic ambiance in your backyard, balcony, beer garden, alfresco dining area and many more – the only limit is your imagination!

String low to the ground to line pathways and create an enchanting entrance to your garden. Dress gazebos, pergolas and balconies for a French Bistro feel, or take a page out of the always-fabulous Spell Angels’ book, and create a stunning Bohemian sanctuary.

For smaller, confined spaces, choose our pilot bulbs to ensure a soft and ambient lighting effect.

Last, but definitely not least, beautiful table settings are not restricted to brides and grooms! For an intimate dinner party vibe, create a canopy of lights by draping one or more strings over the table; or mix it up by having the strings rain down from above!  

Available with a variety of light bulb styles, each creating a unique atmosphere. The incandescent light globes are the oldest form of lighting technology, and create a warm inviting feeling. Our coloured LED globes on the other hand are great for a bit of fun; think Latin fiesta or vintage carnival styling!

If you're like us and never want to take your festoon lights down, you may consider having a look at our customizable commercial-grade product, available in endless configurations, with a white-cord option for that; light and breezy Hamptons feel. Our friendly sales team has plenty of experience with various scenarios where festoon lighting can be used, so don't hesitate to get in touch for advice on how to bring your vision to life!

Check out our full range of Festoon Lighting here!

Festoon Lighting Outdoor || String Lights Dinner Party  Festoon Lights Spell Cactus Garden
  Festoon String Lights for Wedding Lighting
Festoon Lighting || Lighting a Courtyard with String Lights  Festoon Lighting String Lighting Alleyway

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