Tasteful Track Lighting

Tasteful Track Lighting

Tasteful Track Lighting | Track Lighting Guide | Lighting Collective

The most versatile and functional lighting option, surface mounted track lighting is perfect for interiors where recessed lighting is not an option.

Track lighting has become increasingly popular in recent years, with architects and interior designers redefining what was once seen as a purely functional (and sometimes boring) lighting option into a simple, yet striking statement. Not only are you able to choose track lengths, colours, design configuration and the number of lights which best suit your space, but once your electrician installs the track you can add and take away track 'heads' whenever you like!


Elements at Home // Aveling Homes Project  Danish Track Lighting Kit in Cafe | Lighting CollectiveAdjustable Track Lighting in Office | Lighting Collective

All the different possibilities can make planning track lighting a little overwhelming, as there are so many components to wrap your head around. You will need to consider:

Track: the track is available in various configurations, with different lengths, colours and voltage types. While the majority of track on the market is compatible with most track heads, there are some manufacturer's whose components must be used together. For example, our Danish Designed Track Lighting Kits.

Heads: there are countless track heads available, with the difference in most of them being purely aesthetic, as most of them will have similar beam angles and pivoting ability. The number of track heads required will depend on your space; our preset kits have either two light (on 1m of track), or three light (on 2m of track) options.

Light Source: When choosing your track head, consider whether it has an integral light source (typically LED), or whether it takes a light bulb. We have chosen our integral LED options based on the quality of their light source, however you should consider the lumen output based on your requirements and consider having the track lighting system installed on a dimmer to adjust the illumination to suit your needs.


Brightgreen T900 Track Lights in The Waiting Room store || Mattias Friberg Lynn Cheong Kitchen by Cortese Architects | Derek Swalwell Photography Black Track Lighting on Timber Beams | TSC Architects

Track lighting is primarily used for task lighting as the directional heads are best for highlighting specific areas (kitchen benches, work surfaces, desks) or features (artwork, mirrors, etc.) However, it is possible to have track lighting as your primary light source in smaller or narrow spaces which is often desired in retail settings. To do this, position the heads to wash light down walls, minimising glare and adding drama to the space.
The track itself can blend into ceilings or walls and can be mounted along beams, rafters, joists, even suspended from rods for a modern bench-style pendant. White track lighting kits are a crisp and minimal choice for most spaces, while black track can create a bold contrast. For timber beams or panelling, black track complements the surface without detracting from its natural appeal.


Check out our Pinterest board for track lighting inspiration, or if you need assistance on picking a track lighting configuration for your space just get in touch.


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