Brass and Black | Vintage Wall Bracket Styling

Brass and Black | Vintage Wall Bracket Styling

As is the nature of online sales, sometimes all we can do is imagine the beautiful spaces that our lights may have ended up in. Luckily, we have so many lovely customers that are willing to give us a sneak peek into their home or business, and it always exceeds our expectations.


In the case of the Vintage Style Wall Bracket in Old Brass, we have been oh so lucky! Not only have we seen this classic fitting in the beautiful monochrome bathroom of Flamingo Cottage, one of our incredible local accommodation options; but after our most recent sneak peek we are well and truly convinced that brass lighting against black surfaces is nothing short of breathtaking!


This striking combination can be used in various spaces inside or outside your home (or business), the warm golden tones of the brass stand out beautifully against dark colours, creating a luxurious and timeless appeal; as shown in the images provided to us of Saddler & Co's shopfront. 


Vintage Brass Exterior Wall Light | Outdoor Light Saddler and Co Shopfront

Bede and Jemima Aldridge are the owners of the incredible Saddler & Co in the regional city of Dubbo NSW, and present a fine collection of hand-crafted leather goods. Their labour of love, transforming a basic garage roller door and open warehouse into a beautiful showroom has definitely paid off - resulting in a timeless and unique space which has customers separated from Bede's workshop by only a stunning rustic barn door. Have a peek inside for yourself:



Needless to say, we're always grateful for any images of your lighting choices in their new home, if you've snapped some pics of your new light/s feel free to send them to or tag us on Instagram
Photos by Abbie Melle, provided by Saddler & Co. Store and business information provided by Jemima Aldridge. 

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