Find The Flow - How To Renovate Your Office Interior

Find The Flow - How To Renovate Your Office Interior

Creating an office space that makes energetic juices flow, inspiration to bloom and motivation to prosper, can be a challenge. See how with the ultimate office renovation - Three Birds HQ.

 A few Questions to consider when making this magic happen are: What is the type of work is happening within the space? Who will be working in it and how can the space tailor to their needs to create a positive work flow?

Three Birds Renovations has created this office magic with their ultra-fem office fit out. A luxe, feminine space that everyone will love coming to every day. Three Birds focused on a calming influence by filling the space with pieces you would normally find at home rather than in an office (such as our lovely brass pendant lights) creating this warm inviting space.

Office Fit Out - Three Birds Renovations

As their work focuses on collaboration Three Birds steered away from the usual individual desks and instead used large communal tables, lounges and floor cushions. Allowing for sitting, standing, whatever they might need to feel relaxed and motivated. Having the option of standing desks also promotes a healthy workspace helping with posture, reducing back pain, improves energy levels and mood along with many more benefits.

Office Desk Three Birds Renovations

The right office lighting is so important to the mood, feel and productivity of a space. Task lighting is essential to an office environment but also needs to be combined with decorative lights to create the right ambience. We recommend using LED ceiling lights to create the overall task lighting. Make sure to have multiple switches to section off areas of light. While uniform lighting is best for eye stain each person has uniquely different tolerances, so its best to be able to adjust your space.

Hot Tip: The ideal position of a ceiling light is directly above a computer screen to avoid glare.

Office Interiors - Three Birds Renovations

To achieve more of a relaxed space warm atmosphere in your office design we recommend using table and floor lamps. Lamps focus light and are transportable, around the office. Also to achieve this, hanging a pendant over workbenches for focused task lighting and adds warmth and beauty to your office space.

Office Lighting Fit Out

Image Credit: Three Birds Renovations

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