Past Projects | 26 Degrees Bar, Rumba Resort

Past Projects | 26 Degrees Bar, Rumba Resort


Balancing crisp white walls with minimal natural furnishings and plenty of greenery, the new 26 Degrees Bar at Rumba Resort is the ultimate summer oasis!

The name '26 Degrees' - the result of unique social media campaign/giveaway - perfectly ties the venue to its local area. Caloundra itself boasts an average temperature of 26 degrees and it is also Caloundra's degree of latitude.

Flaunting an incredible Hamptons style fit out, the fresh design is attributed to Sunshine Coast design firm Cab Roto and interior designer Kristie Kahler.

We applaud each lighting choice in this stunning space! The bold industrial pendant lights complement the white weatherboard bar fascias beautifully and bring nautical vibes to the soft coastal styling. 

Vintage Industrial Galvanized Wall Lights and Aluminium Industrial Pendant @ 26 Degrees Bar, Rumba Resort

Additionally, Vintage Industrial Galvanized Wall Lights and Vintage Barn Style Wall Lights emphasize the indoor-outdoor feel of the bar, sitting pretty against thick timber framing and warm timber wall panels.

Barn Style Wall Lights in 26 Degrees Bar, Rumba Resort Caloundra

For walkway lighting, Solid Copper Spot Lights make a statement against crisp white pillars. If you think they look stunning now, the coastal conditions will give these babies extra character in the form of an aged patina, getting better and better as time goes on!

 Images courtesy of Rumba Resort and Metropolis

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