Sleep in Style | Where to Stay in Byron Bay

Sleep in Style | Where to Stay in Byron Bay

Are you seeking some style inspiration for your new interior project or looking for a seaside oasis to wind down into a pool of relaxation? Look no further, Byron Bay is known for its healing effects. For locals, it’s a case of a daily love affair of self-care, rejuvenation, and inspiration. 


One of our favourite places to immerse in the culture is the Byron Beach Abodes - The Bower accommodation. Their attention to detail, eye for creativity and clear appreciation for ambiance, Byron Beach Abodes have tailored this luxury seaside oasis.
Taliah Lowry, owner/creative behind The Bower Byron Bay tells us how her creative vision has molded into a reality. Taliah was inspired to create her own slice of NY in Byron after a family holiday to the Bower District in NYC. The colours, architecture, and character of the district immediately inspired and influenced the design of The Bower Byron Bay.


The aesthetic was built upon this vision — A soothing balance has been achieved through the layering and blending of styles through a mix of textures and tones – wood, metals, textiles, plush velvets and linens. This doesn’t stop at furniture and fabulous lighting. The must-have on the hit list, is an array of materials with pieces, not only serving for their function but as a way of adding unique and thought out design elements to space. Think aged brass, hand-crafted ceramics, highly polished stainless steel and unique coloured glass.



The ambiance and atmosphere the lighting created in the beautiful boutique hotels of the Bower District as well as the existing Byron Beach Abodes properties inspired the choices for The Bower lighting. With importance placed on bringing mood and atmosphere to space, highlighting key pieces of furniture and creating interesting spaces with light and shadow. Lighting was an important consideration when designing The Bower interiors.

Helping make this dream into a reality Sheridan Richardson, director of Lighting Collective. Was excited to help when faced with lighting considerations.'Seeing these beachside oases come to life has been an exciting journey, The Bower was one of our favourite projects to be a part of.'


If you're dreaming of this luxury Byron Bay experience, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and inspired. Byron Beach Abodes has got you coved with their The Bower Byron Bay accommodation’.


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. Photography by Jessie Prince.



Olivia Lord

Creative Director | Lighting Collective

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