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Virtuous As Steel | Vistosi's New Crystal Glass Blend

With a five-century-old glass blowing technique, Vistosi has made its mark on the design industry not just with tradition and experience but more importantly: innovation.

In the glass sector, to innovative ancient and delicate techniques such as the blowing of glass needs long processes and endless research, which doesn’t always lead to lasting results. With this in mind, Vistosi has broken through barriers to achieve and produce a new crystal blend which presents aesthetic, technical and ecological advantages.  The result: lead free blown crystal glass.

Vistosi’s new crystal blend no longer includes lead oxide (an ingredient formerly used to achieve brighter glass) and the crystal’s transparency has been enhanced; which is visible to the naked eye.

The elimination of lead has significantly reduced the oxidizing process, resulting in a glass which possesses the qualities of stainless steel in terms of durability and maintenance
The processes required to produce this new crystal recipe were expansive. For more than two years, Vistosi worked non-stop researching, trialling and experimenting with crystal concepts. The investment of time, energy and resources has been unprecedented, but indisputably worth it.

The new crystal blend achieved by Vistosi, based on more refined ingredients and a lower sodium presence, has been considered of utmost importance by the company due to its improvement to the environmental conditions of Vistosi’s production processes. The removal of lead from crystal manufacturing will undoubtedly have a positive effect on Vistosi’s surrounding environment.

The new blend is now used for all of Vistosi’s crystal collections. Giogali, Diadema, Diamante and Damasco are the lamps in which the new crystal achieves the most astonishing results (Diadema previewed below).