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Dining Room Lighting

Dining room lighting should create a warm and inviting atmosphere, while also providing ample lighting for the various activities that may take place at the dining table. For this reason, creating a combined lighting plan by utilising lamps and dimmable downlights will allow you to customise the illumination to suit your needs.

Pendant lights over a dining table provide a beautiful decorative touch, either with one large fixture or grouping a cluster or row of pendants.

Scandinavian Style Pendant Light Over Dining TableGlass Pendant Light Over Dining Table | Lighting CollectiveLuxe Metallic Pendant Light Cluster Dining Room |

Pendant lighting options are endless, complementing any style you can think of. Because of their decorative nature, personal preference is the key when choosing a pendant for any area of the home. There are various things to consider with the shape and design of a pendant, but it is important not to forget the light it will disperse. If you love decorative light bulbs, then an exposed globe or shallow dish or disk shape pendant may be for you. However if you dislike looking directly at the light source, you may prefer a frosted glass or fabric pendant.

The size of the space (including ceiling height) will largely influence what size pendant you choose, as well as the size and shape of your table. Again it is important to keep your ideal look in mind when considering the scale, as some prefer minimal decoration to bold statements.

Minimal Fibreglass Pendant Light | Dining Room Pendants | Lighting CollectiveLarge Dome Pendant Lights Over Dining Table | Lighting CollectiveIndustrial Dome Pendant Lights | Lighting Collective

Long pendant styles are great lighting choices for a rectangular dining table, as they complement the linear shape while dispersing light over the length of the table from various lamp holders.

Rectangular Pendant Light in Luxurious Dining Room | Lighting CollectiveTapered Bench Lantern Over Dining Table | Lighting CollectiveMulti-Light Pendant Light Over Dining Table | Lighting Collective

Circular edged pendant lights beautifully complement round dining tables, creating a clean and refined statement in the middle of the table. Tall pendant light designs, such as large bells or cylinders, create a balance with their elongated silhouette.

 Scandinavian Pendant Light with Leather Strap | Lighting CollectiveItalian Cylindrical Pendant Light | Lighting CollectiveLarge Rattan Bell Pendant Light | Dining Room Lighting | Lighting Collective

One of the big questions with pendant lighting over a dining table is what height to hang it. This can depend on the size and shape of your pendant, as well as your personal preference, however the general guide is around 75cm above the table top. The suspension length of most pendant lights can be shortened during installation, however those with high ceilings will need to take the cord length into account or get in touch to see if your chosen pendant can be lengthened.

Once you've made your choice, you'll need to pick the light source. Most pendant lights have a standard screw-in (E27) lamp holder, allowing endless options for creating your ideal lighting effect. A warm white globe is perfect for enhancing the inviting atmosphere of a dining area. Older style light sources such as halogen and incandescent, are the original warm light bulbs. If you are leaning towards a more energy efficient LED bulb, look for a colour temperature between 2200 kelvins and 3000 kelvins. Some LED manufacturers have developed decorative LED bulbs to replicate incandescent 'Edison' bulbs, which produce a soft and ambient light. 
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