What in the world is a Double Insulated Light?

Double insulated products are specifically made for homes that do not include an earth wire. Earth wires are used as a safety measure to protect you as well as your devices and home, in the event your wiring becomes live. This is a rare event, however it may happen! If your home is not earthed, it is a legal requirement that you opt for double insulated lights. These lights are also referred to as Class 2 lights and provide protection from electrical faults. 

Please note that despite being designed for homes that do not have an earth wire, double insulated lights are able to be installed in homes with or without an earth wire.

Do I need Double Insulated Lights?

Due to legislation introduced in the 1970s, homes built within the last 30 to 40 years usually will have an earth wire, allowing installation of 'regular lighting'. If your house was built before the 1970's, you may find that your home does not have an earth wire. 

What are my options?

If you do require double insulated lights, don't fret. Whether you need an exterior light, oyster light, down light, wall light or any other interior light, you will find that most manufacturers offer a range of these as double insulated options.  

Knowing a Double Insulated light from a Regular Light

Double insulated lights are indicated by a ‘square within a square’ symbol. If
you’re buying lights online, check the text to see if the light is double
insulated or not.


Not happy installing double insulated lights?

If you don’t wish to purchase double insulated lights and do not have an earth wire, your only legal alternative is to completely rewire your home. Warning: This can be very costly, time consuming and inconvenient. In contrast, opting for a double insulated lighting solution will be cost effective, quick and easy!