Intellectual Property

Lighting Collective

Lighting Collective Intellectual Property

Branding and Style, Trademark and Copyright

Lighting Collective enforce these rights under the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth) (‘Copyright Act’) Additionally, Lighting Collective specific enforceable rights over the trademark under the Trade Marks Act 1995 (Cth) (‘Trade Marks Act’). Specific strategies and business methods of Lighting Collective are legally protected intellectual property under the Uniform Trade Secrets Act.

Lighting Collective prescribed the means to take infringement proceedings to protect and enforce rights in our Registered Logo, Trademarks and Registered Designs.

Lighting Collective makes and processes applications for granting rights and usage for inhouse images and content created under Lighting Collective branding and style.

Lighting Collective fonts and logo belong to Lighting Collective Est 2012. Lighting Collective owns the rights to charge and request removal for found copyright and IP infringement to maintain the established patents, trademarks and copyrights, including the powers and functions of the Commissioner of Patents and Registrars.

As the owner of intellectual property (IP) rights, Lighting Collective holds responsibility to ensure enforcement for Fonts, Brand Style, Tone of Voice and Writing, Logo, Images and Website to protect the value of IP. Effective enforcement of our IP rights is necessary to maintain value in legal terms, to deter potential infringers and to retain the ability to attract commercial value.

Images, Trademark and Copyright

Lighting Collective will take action to retrain a person(s) from disclosing or improperly using information if it intends to breach a confidentiality agreement or usage rights.

Images are owned by Lighting Collective and or have paid image rights in contractual agreements with creators. To share images, our Marketing and Pr department must be contacted for Paid Licensing, Fair Use or Create Common agreements.

While most social media platforms are based to some extent on the redistribution of content (share, retweet, etc.), repurposing or reusing other’s work(s), especially for commercial gain may still be considered copyright infringement and needs to be approved and signed off by our Marketing department.

If reproduced, published or distributed copyrighted work(s) (or a work derived from a copyrighted work) without permission or a valid license, Lighting Collective have the rights to announce copyright or trademark infringement and the user will be contacted to remove or pay for the content usage.

Lighting Collective often employs freelancers on a contractual basis or pay’s in agreement to projects and contracts for someone to create imagery.

If you commit copyright infringement, you could be liable to pay damages to the copyright owner. Lighting Collective holds all Creative Commons images are protected by copyright and require appropriate attribution.

Repurposing or reusing work on social media can still be considered copyright infringement and must be credited, shared or tagged, unless an agreement has been made with our Marketing department prior to usage. Contact our Marketing Department for all enquiries here.

This includes but is not limited to using images or content purchased or created by Lighting Collective on Websites, Blogs, Email Marketing, Digital Marketing and Printed Marketing materials. Lighting Collective often allows images to be re-shared or re-posted on Social Media with the attribution of image credits to be used and the Lighting Collective account to be tagged and notified.

Lighting Collective can be contacted regarding image and content use requests. The may lead to IP contracts and agreements made including time of publishing and sharing. This is to ensure Lighting Collective market audiences are reached first and contractual relationships created from project and collaborations which may have resulted in exclusive content for Lighting Collective remain exclusive for a minimum of 6 months from first publishing date by Lighting Collective.

FAQ's on IP Sharing

  • Can I source images from Lighting Collective's website?

For research, inspiration and educational use only, images and content can be sourced from Lighting Collective website. Images cannot be used in marketing, or for the purposes of sales and branding. For image use requests please contact

  • Can I share images from Lighting Collective on social media?

Images and content can be shared onto social media platforms from Lighting Collective but must contact a tag to notify and attach Lighting Collective and image source credit as followed, Source: Lighting Collective.

  • How do I know which images belong to Lighting Collective and which are from Supplier and Designers?

Lighting Collective as carefully curated Alt. Text and always add's credits where neccessary depending on the agreement and arrange contract with Suppliers, Designers, Artists and Stylists. Images which contain no credits belong to Lighting Collective and need approval before use.

  • I am a supplier and I am inspired by your content, can I share?

Lighting Collective is a small business who has collected images from our in-house projects and collaborations with our Trade and Retail clients. With agreements for image useage and content sharing, Lighting Collective can deny suppliers to use images if it will create a negative impact on consumer and trade relations or effect the value of Lighting Collective IP and content. There may be occassions where Lighting Collective will allow suppliers to use images, but this needs to be a formal request send to our Marketing department here: to ensure timings and exclusivity of consumer markets are not impacted through mass sharing of digital content.

  • I am a designer and I worked with you to create the content, can I share?

Lighting Collective always ensures the correct team are credited in images and content shared in our Marketing material. If you took part in the project or collaboration we want to ensure our community knows and can credit you fairly. Please reach our to our Marketing team here: to allow us to add credits where neccessary. If you wish to share the content on your Blogs, Social Media or Webite, we politely request you in return give credits to Lighting Collective for lights and tag on social platforms that you are sharing the content onto, allowing our communities to grow together.

  • I am a supplier or retailer and like the names of your online marketing material, can I use it?

Lighting Collective holds the right to deny, and demand removal of any Intellectual Infridgment. This could include but is not limited to; our Curated Collection names, our in-house blog titles and blog content, our online language used, our font, logo, and brand styling. If you wish to discuss further marketing material you would like to use, please contact our marketing team to request to purchase, or request a fair use agreement. you can contact our marketing team here: