Arguably the highest traffic room in the home, kitchen lighting plans require careful planning to consider the various activities that will occur there - especially with open plan living shifting the focus to this area while entertaining.


Kitchen lighting should include a combination of task lighting, ambient lighting and accent lighting. Using a combined lighting plan creates a layered effect which targets each workspace. We recommend having a dimmer installed to adjust light output to suit your needs.


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When planning your kitchen lighting, creating a combined kitchen lighting plan with LED downlights, surface mounted ceiling lights, track lighting, pendant lights, allows you to target specific areas and alter the lighting and mood for each activity.


How to choose kitchen lighting
Kitchen island lighting needs to provide ample lighting for preparing meals. Depending on your preference, you can use pendant lighting for a decorative touch (that also provides targeted lighting) or go for minimal task lighting in the form of track lights or surface mounted tubular downlights.

Whether you're into Hamptons, minimal, traditional, Scandinavian style (just to name a few), our collection of kitchen lighting has options to suit any interior style. If you have a look in mind and need some assistance with making your vision come to light, then get in touch with our friendly sales team.

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Pendant lighting gives you the opportunity to add a decorative element to space, which reflects your personality. 
The size of your kitchen (including the height of ceilings), along with the length of your island bench will influence the size and number of lights you use. A row of two or three pendants is a visually appealing statement which disperses light evenly along the island.

The general rule for standard 2.1m ceilings is to hang pendants around 70-80cm above the island bench. For higher ceilings, you will need to raise them slightly, typically around 7-8cm for each 30cm increase in ceiling height. 

Most pendant light suspensions (whether on cords, chains or rods) are easily shortened by your electrician during installation, and some are able to be lengthened (please get in touch before purchase to confirm).


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Ceiling lights in the kitchen are great for homes with low ceilings, where pendant lighting is not an option. Kitchen ceiling lights can either offer general lighting or be directed for task lighting if they are adjustable.  For an architecturally pleasing and minimal look, tubular downlights provide plenty of light with more visual impact than recessed lighting. 

Track lighting has a similar effect, with a modern and functional look. The added bonus of track lighting is that once the track is installed on the ceiling, you can move around, add or remove as many of the track lights as you like without an electrician.

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What is the best bulb for kitchen lighting?

For kitchens, you will want light bulbs with a high lumen output but a warm glow. Choosing LED bulbs in a warm white colour temperature (around 2700k to 3000k) provides soft and comfortable lighting with a fraction of the energy use of traditional incandescent (edison) or halogen light bulbs. 
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