First and foremost, the living room is for relaxing and enjoying the company of your friends and family. Whether you’re reading, relaxing, or entertaining, well-planned lighting can change the character and mood of your space. As with most rooms, a combined lighting plan that utilizes dimmers allows you to focus on specific areas.

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Living Room Lighting Design

For base level lighting, recessed downlights provide ample illumination with a subtle and seamless appearance, opt for dimmable LEDs for an energy efficient option that can be adjusted to set the mood. As you will want ambient lighting, we recommend warm white light sources (2200k-3000k)

A large pendant or chandelier provides a decorative focal point that can be used to create a warm and inviting ambiance. Similarly, a cluster of smaller pendants can create a stunning statement. Consider using fabric or glass shades to diffuse light output for minimal glare, or capped bulbs which reflect light upwards.


    Classic Glass Pendant Light in Living RoomLight Bulb Pendant Lights in Living Room

Wall lighting
can be utilized for general ambient lighting or for focused lighting on a certain area. Ambient wall lights are used to provide atmospheric lighting and create a warm and comfortable vibe through the use of 'wall washers'. Accent lights, such as picture lights or wall brackets can be used to highlight specific features such as artwork, bookshelves or fireplaces. Long adjustable or swing-arm wall brackets can also be utilised for task lighting (such as reading) where space is minimal. If you wish to light a living room with no overhead lighting, we recommend using 'up lighting' wall lights with a high lumen output, to reflect light off the ceiling without glare.


    Combined Living Room Lighting Plan | Picture LightsTraditional Two Light Wall Light | Lighting Collective1952 Modernist Wall Light | Lighting Collective

Living Room Lamps:  Table or floor lamps in living rooms are great for ambient lighting, as well as task lighting for reading. With so many options on the market, the choice of lamps for living rooms is dictated by your personal style, along with what you intend to use the lamp for. For general ambient lighting, a diffusing shade will provide a soft light output; which is great paired with a warm light bulb. Lamps for task lighting should be adjustable, to direct light to suit your needs. 

      Scandinavian Tripod Floor Lamp Living RoomTripod Floor Lamp Living RoomScandinavian Floor Lamp Living Room


Using a combination of the types of lighting shown above will create even illumination and expel shadows; while allowing you to switch on individual lights based on the activity. If you need assistance creating your desired look, or are unsure where to begin, just get in touch
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