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Commercial LED Festoon Lighting | Assorted Lengths & Bulbs



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Designed for either permanent or temporary installation, these LED Festoon Kits are proven to have an amazing track record holding up to Australia's extreme weather conditions.

Featuring self-levelling heavy duty cable, in your chosen length, the LED Festoon Kit is available in three different lengths (10M | 20M | 30M) with two variations of spacing between the weatherproof lamp holders (500mm | 900mm).

Once you have selected your Festoon configuration, you then have the option to select which bulb finish you would like your festoon to feature. We offer a range of different options, helping you create the perfect atmosphere for your space.

If you would like to have multi-coloured or an assortment of globes please contact us or notify at the checkout. White cable is also available upon request.

As this is a 24v fitting, a weatherproof transformer is required. These are available either for hardwiring or with a flex and plug for temporary installations. Additional transformers may be required for configurations that include multiple kits running from the same power source.

Note: The listed prices include the price of the required Transformers

10m Kit: 50w IP67 Transformer: $121

20m Kit: 100w IP67 Transformer: $145

30m kit: 100w IP67 transformer $145

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you require assistance, we are happy to help.