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Hand Made Driftwood Chandelier | Two Colours



We love this pendant! 5 lamp holders hide behind driftwood arms which are held by a nice solid iron frame work. A truly original fitting that is sure to create a natural earthy feeling in your space, evoking warmth and intimacy.  Designed in Byron Bay.

  • Height          |  790mm
  • Diameter     |  530mm
  • Globe            |  Not yet specified, please get in touch
  • Colours         |  Off-white or Black
  • Made In         |  Indonesia
  • Lead Time     |  If stocked in Australia, approx. 5 business days. Lead time can be up to 8-12                                           weeks if stock is unavailable

 Click here to view designer's specification sheet

Jillian has been on the interior design scene since 1988, her first design position after private interior design study being with the infamous Deanne Rooz in Bellevue Hill. She had her own offices on Oxford Street throughout the 1990’s when Sydney was at its peak of development and specialised in mostly residential interiors. However, she also designed the odd nightclub and restaurant and styled many waterfront homes and apartments for sale. In early 2000 she travelled to New York City and was thrown into the NYC styling atmosphere assisting Carlos Mota (now the head producer of Elle Decor Magazine USA) 

After years in the interior design industry and spending a considerable amount of time in our lovely Byron Shire, Jillian began creating specialty lights and mirrors "because I just couldn't source the right chandeliers I wanted for beach houses and many of my special design projects". GC is now a favoured label for designers, decorators, architects and stylists who are looking for a unique piece in which to style their home/project.
"I liken my pieces to a Celine it Bag or a pair of Proenza heels, the correct accessory can shape any interior"