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Premium Decorative LED A80 Globe ES or BC



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Carbon Filament Style LED Globe

These low wattage globes are a great choice to achieve the warm, charming ambience of old-style carbon filaments with a much lower energy consumption. Manufactured by Vintage LED, we have found these to be the best product currently available. The Vintage LED filament globes are also the warmest on the market and give the stunning warm ambiance of an incandescent, without the high power consumption and carbon emissions.

Standard GLS Light Bulb Shape
80mm Diameter
138mm Height
3 watt or 6 watt options
E27 or B22 base
300 Lumens
2200k - Extra Warm White

They are also amazingly cheap to run - in fact if you left this A80 3W light bulb on for a year it would only cost you $6.55*.*Using a 25c/kWh electricity rate