Indirect lighting, what exactly is it?

Indirect light is the light spread that lands outside of the direct scope and lights objects other than those in the direct illumination spread.

Indirect lighting not only gives your space the look of an architecturally balanced space, but it also carries with it numerous benefits. Indirect lighting is essentially light that is focused away from specific objects and projected onto either the ceiling or walls. This creates a soft and even illumination which reduces glare and prevents excessive contrasts. Aesthetically, indirect lighting creates a sense of volume and depth to a room and portrays either a soothing atmosphere or a dramatic ambience.

The most popular and the predominant way to achieve indirect lighting is with LED strip lighting. To obtain this look, it is not often easy. It involves strategic planning, however, the end result is definitely worth the effort! Areas to highlight when introducing LED strip for indirect lighting include bulk heads, cornice, stair wells, alcoves, architraves, skirting, kickboards, cabinetry, mirrors.

Indirect lighting can also be achieved by strategically positioned floor and table lamps, as well as with carefully chosen pendant lights! This is where we can guide you with the selection of the right fittings to accomplish your desired look.

Things to consider

Direct lighting can be harsh, to avoid it we recommend using indirect lighting which emits a softer light to achieve a more comfortable ambience in your home of commercial space.

Layering of light is essential. When choosing indirect lighting we suggest you look at incorporating task lighting alongside accent lighting. Layering lighting is an effective way to create the appropriate amount of lux levels in a space while avoiding harsh direct beam angles from one specific light source. Layering gives you flexibility to change the preferred lighting of your choice to reflect your mood or the task at hand.

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