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At the forefront of design from the Italian company that is pioneering lighting, Designer Studio Bizzarri brings us Motion Light. With more than forty years of style, MARCHETTI has profound raison d’etre blended with vigor and mastery to the manufacturing spirit. Featuring creations that satisfy our versatile needs of colours and different finishes, producing fantastic light effects increasing the value of your house and other environments.




Motion Light is a collection born from an initial idea almost utopian: let the light source free from the universal constraints of traditional existing electrification systems, break the preexisted schemes, and free the light.

Simple tubular metal structures give life to a series of products: wall lamps, suspensions and floor lamps, minimal and elegant structures that, like iconic totems suspended in space, are waiting for transfer energy…

It happens when, with a simple gesture, we lay on them the luminescent element: an opaline plexiglas ring that, as if by magic, lights up and diffuses light in the environment.



For Marchetti Illuminazione every detail is important, looking after every aspect of every feature of their products and paying particular attention to their finishes. There are various types of finishes, including both galvanised and epoxy paint finishes, which are always applied in-house.





We are in love with every aspect, from the revolutionary designs to their profound ethos. And we think you will be too.

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