Everything You Need To Know When Lighting Up Your Bathroom!

Whether you're renovating your bathroom or building a new one, there are a couple of factors to consider when choosing your bathroom lighting. IP ratings, bathroom zoning, shadows and not to mention styling are all important considerations! All of these factors can make lighting your bathroom a bit of a challenge. So, we have mapped out all the things you need to consider.

IP Rating & Bathroom Zoning

Fist lets get our technical talk out of the way and understand ‘Ip Ratings’ otherwise known as ‘Ingress Protection Rating’. These are used to define levels of sealing effectiveness against foreign bodies such as dirt and moisture. Your IP Rating then determines what zone of the bathroom your light fitting can sit. Click here for your Guide To IP Ratings & Bathroom Zoning.

Illumination Styling & Placement

Now we have those pesky technical considerations out of the way we can talk illumination, styling and placement! Ideal bathroom lighting eliminates shadows, provides task lighting and and with combined decorative lighting creates an ambient relaxing atmosphere. Popular lights for the bathroom are vanity lights, wall lights, pendant lights, downlights and if you want to get creative using outdoor step lights as shower lights can create a unique look!

First, let's talk about the bathroom vanity. The vanity is used for tasks such as grooming and makeup application so vanity lights require bright and colour accurate task lighting. It is best to choose a light bulb or light source that provides light with a high lumen output to eliminate shadows around the mirror.   A popular choice for vanity lighting is bathroom wall sconces placed either side or above the mirror. Not only do they have a stylish appeal but also provide the functionality that is required. If you would like more information on picking the right light bulb check out our 5 factor Guide To Choosing The Right Globe.

Image source: The Beach House East Coast

Ceiling lights are your overall task light source for the bathroom and may determine the mood of the space. This type of light sends light downward onto the tops of surfaces. Downlight's are a great choice if you don't want attention drawn to the ceiling. They cast a lot of light are a great minimal style choice. Try angling them toward the mirror so light is reflecting back on to your face.

Image source: The Beach House East Coast

Pendant lights are a great focal point for the room and are a decorative choice adding warmth and depth to a space. Make sure to consider height! When installing your pendant light too low they won't cast adequate light and too high they might go unnoticed. Pendant lights are normally combined with ceiling lights offering combined lighting. We recommend using an ambient light bulb rather than a bright (or high lumen output) light bulb. Please note, if choosing pendant lights for use over a bath tub or sink you may require a 12-volt light source. We have a selection of 12-volt pendants and some of our range can be paired with a 12-volt transformer. Please get in contact with our friendly team for further information.

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Other task lighting to improve the functionality of your bathroom is cabinet lights and shower lighting (using outdoor step lights which have a high IP Rating). Natural light is also ideal for a bathroom so having skylights and large windows are ideal.

Now you have considered all of these factors you are ready to light up your bathroom! Check out our Bathroom Wall Lights Collection! Explore >