A Guide To Ceiling Fans

Lighting Collection has you covered with this Fan Buying Guide that goes into detail to help you make the right choice when it comes to buying the right fan for your home or interior space. Be the biggest fan, of your fan!


The first thing to consider when purchasing a new fan is what space in your home it will belong to. The type of fan and its blade size are all dependent upon the room and what purpose you wish it to serve. The larger the room, the larger the blade length and motor size in order to move a greater amount of air. A particularly important consideration to take into account is whether the length of the blades will obstruct any pre-existing lighting in the room as this will cause an undesirable strobing effect.


A fan’s overall performance is measured by its speed, energy usage, airflow volume and efficiency.

Each factor on its own does not guarantee an efficient fan. For example, a high fan speed does not necessarily equate to a high airflow volume. If you are looking for a fan for large spaces, generally choose one with longer blades and that generally have a lower RPMs : meaning that it will move large quantities of air without necessarily having that ‘breeze’ feeling. If you’re looking for something for smaller rooms, like above the bed in your bedroom than opt for a smaller option with high RPMs and one of our fans with a sloped blade pitch for maximum ‘breeze’.

AC or DC?

Fans come in two different kinds of motors – AC and DC. In general, DC fans are considered a superior choice in terms of energy consumption as they use up to 70% less energy than AC fans. That said, the AC fans generally have a cheaper price point as they require less parts and for this reason are generally considered a tried and tested, and reliable choice. AC run 50 hertz that run constantly on a rotating electromagnet. AC have a standard 3 speed option for your control. A DC motor runs on pulses of energy in an electromagnetic flow therefore not constantly running off electricity to provide a constant rotation.The smaller engineered motor allows it to have multiple speeds and timers, including spinning in reverse and gives the operator full control.

Remote controls

AC Motor controlled fans come with a standard three speed wall switch, This allows you to also have the option of purchasing an additional mi smart remote control which provides three fan speeds, light control and light dimming support. The Mi smart remote features a magnetized backing meaning you can take it around the room with you and then slide it back in place on the wall. The Mi Smart app is also available freely for controlling your fan and light directly from your smartphone.Buy the Bluetooth Mi Remote and you can have full control from your phone anywhere in the house the Smart app allows control of your fan and light directly from your smartphone.

DC motor controlled fans will always come with a readily available remote control specifically designed for your fan. Multiple speed options available, reverse option and timer settings. All provided in one remote to be easily attached to a bracket on your wall next to your light switch. As your DC motor fan comes with a remote - no additional fan switch is needed (unless specified)

Additional Mi Smart Controller