What is Contemporary Minimalist Style?



There is a lot more to contemporary minimalist style than meets the eye. In order to pull off this style these spaces need to be extremely well considered with a clear intention behind every decision made throughout the design process. It is about creating a space to live simply and meaningfully.

The foundation of any minimalist interior is the design principle that “less is more”. Highlighting the beauty within the simplicity of contemporary minimalist style itself. There is also believed to be a wealth of benefits such as more contentment, less stress and more freedom. It is not about clearing your space of as much as possible but the philosophy of quality over quantity. This style focusses on investing in beautiful pieces that will last a lifetime rather than filling an interior with the latest trend or meaningless pieces.

When it comes to lighting Contemporary Minimalist spaces, it is a chance to combine sleek simple fittings along with concealed and indirect light beams to highlight the architectural thought process in the design. Contemporary also lends itself to think outside the norm with the opportunity to create intricate and innovative lighting designs. This style also gives way to larger clusters of simplistic fittings creating a statement and focal point in a strategically executed space.


Contemporary minimalist style is characterised by simplicity, clean lines, and generally a monochromatic palette with colour used as an accent.

Traditionally, the minimalism design principles feature a muted colour palette with soft texture being applied to create warmth. Enriching the space through the use of materials such as timber, glass, pottery, cloth and canvas. Most spaces will be open floor plan, full of natural light and have simple well-built furnishings marrying form and function.  

Our contemporary minimalist collection incorporates a series of light fittings which are simplistic in design with emphasis on form and function. This collection highlights lighting styles which are sleek, simplistic and unadorned. Comprised with varying metals, geometric shapes, textures and soft curves our Minimalistic collection focuses on architectural elements and modern simplicity to add the finishing touches to any contemporary design.

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