Bathroom Lighting Tips

A bathroom lighting plan should include a combination of task and ambient lighting, installed on a dimmer to adjust the light output and create an atmosphere. A combined lighting plan allows you to address each function of the bathroom separately. 
For general task lighting in the bathroom, recessed LED downlights will provide ample lighting without competing with any features. Alternatively surface mounted ceiling lights  and pendant lights can create a more decorative bathroom lighting option - great for traditional bathrooms. 
Plenty of lighting needs to be focussed around the vanity, for the purpose of shaving and make-up application. Bathroom vanity lights positioned above, or either side of the mirror disperse light directly on your face to eliminate shadows and ensure optimal visibility. 
We have a huge range of bathroom wall lights available to cover a range of styles, including sleek and modern, ornate and traditional, and bold and industrial - just to name a few!
Linear bathroom lights are perfect for mounting above mirrors. Depending on the length of your mirror you might choose a single light fitting, positioned in the centre of the mirror;  or two smaller fittings (which can be a great choice for 'his and her' vanity styles)
What height should I install a bathroom light fixture?
When mounting bathroom wall lights on either side of the mirror, a general guide is to position them at eye level - and typically 700 - 1000mm apart, so the light beams overlap to eliminate shadows on the face. 
What size bathroom vanity light should I choose?
The size of your bathroom vanity light will depend on the size of your mirror and your intended placement. For linear wall lights, either mounted above or beside a mirror, it is ideal to aim for something that spans the full length or height of the mirror. For lights mounted over the mirror, you may consider using two light fittings, especially for his and her vanity styles.
To prolong the life of your lighting in this humid area, it is important to have IP rated light fixtures in the bathroom.
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