Lighting Design Consultation

Lighting is an important part of your home, not only is it needed to illuminate the space in a practical sense, it also plays a large role to compliment the aesthetic elements.

Artificial lighting is just as important to your home as natural daylight. By delivering the right amount of light in the correct applications, we have the ability to transform a space and to create mood and ambiance with smooth transitions, along with enhancing the design and aesthetic by creating, concentrating, and directing light.

What We Offer

Discover the perfect lighting options for your home or business, with style match and lighting output ideas.

Here at Lighting Collective we specialise in creating a practical and effective lighting design which looks effortless and reflects your own style. We take into consideration existing space, line, forms and texture to help you select the perfect fittings from our carefully curated selection of luxury lighting, with a focus on quality and design.

Whether you’re in the market to upgrade old fittings, tackling a renovation of a new space or building from scratch we can assist with all of your needs with our varied consultation types to create a custom lighting plan to suit your lifestyle and tastes together.


Types Of Consultations

Complimentary Showroom Visit

This consists of a complimentary one hour visit to discuss your lighting needs with our showroom consultants. They will discuss with you any ideas you already have and assist you to pick out fittings which will be suitable for your space.

This consultation type is best suited if you already have an idea of what it is that you are after but not exactly sure what to choose! Our consultants will show you selected fittings to gauge their size, form, finish, light output, IP ratings and technical information. This information will help you make an educated decision on what is not only going to best suit your space, but enhance it as well.

Once everything is selected you will receive a schedule of fittings including costs.

FEE - Free


Showroom Consultation

This consultation type is targeted at those who have visited our showroom or spoken over the phone for an fee initial consultation but realize that they would like to benefit from a sit-down consult with one of our innovative lighting designers to discuss a lighting plan for your proposed space or renovation in more depth.
This consult type will include a full run-through of plans where we will asses an existing lighting plan and advise on any amendments or additions required to achieve the light layout of your preference.
Please get in touch through our booking form to discuss further.


Non face to face Lighting consultation (Zoom)

This consultation type is targeted at clients who require assistance with lighting selections however are unable to visit our showroom in person and would like to converse via phone, email or zoom. Initially this starts with some background information on your project by completing the enquiry form on our website.

This will give you the opportunity to explain your project in depth as well as upload any plans, photos or relevant information for us to assess prior to your consultation as this is very important to understand the style you are after. Depending on the size and scale of your project, we will book you into a 1-hour phone consultation in which we will discuss your project and what you would like to achieve. From there we will gather some options together and send through a collection to review and arrange a follow up phone call to narrow down the options and help finalise the selections.

Please get in touch through our booking form to discuss further.


Onsite Consultation

This consultation consists of a one hour appointment with one of our innovative lighting designers who will meet you on site to discuss a lighting plan for your proposed space or renovation.

This consultation initially starts with some background information on your project by completing the enquiry form on our website. Please note onsite consultations are only available within a 25km radius of Byron Bay. 

This consultation type is best suited if you are either renovating , building new or in the market to update your current fittings but not sure what will compliment your space and existing furniture. Our consultant will walk through your home to assess the areas of interest. They will take the time to discuss with you one on one exactly what it is that you are after and give you the information to transform your ideas into reality!

Once the idea is in place, we will create a proposed lighting layout and collection of fittings to review.
This consultation type is best followed up with a showroom consultation to see the proposed fittings

Please get in touch through our booking form to discuss further


Extended Consultation

This consultation is generally followed on from the Initial showroom and onsite consultations, however is paid by the hour. If the job which you have was initially only proposed as a small task and has turned into a larger job than first thought (renovations, we’re looking at you!) This is where the extended consultation will be needed. This is where we can arrange a second appointment or correspond via email and phone to change any of your selections, look at amended plans and re-work the initial design or discuss with your alternative options.

Please get in touch through our booking form to discuss further.


Lighting Design Package

For our clients that require a complete lighting plan, from the very beginning - Price is to be quoted as a scope of works, depending on the size and scale of job.

Prices start from $500 which include:-

  • Consultations & conversations (zoom or onsite x2)
  • A mood board
  • A lighting schedule
  • A lighting layout with Switching
  • A quote for the fittings


What you can expect

On the day of your consultation we will sit down together and discuss what it is that you would like to achieve with your lighting plan. If you are unsure of what it is you’re after, no sweat! That’s why you came to us! Our consultants will guide you through the selection process, reading through your building plans and taking into consideration any existing structures to formulate a lighting plan to create a perfectly illuminated home.

Booking essentials

It is essential that you complete the online enquiry form on our website prior to booking in any of our consultation types. We also recommend if you have any any samples of the finishes which you are using please bring these along or have at the ready. These may include: tiles, stone, cabinetry colour, paint colours ect. Any inspirational photos are also welcome, This will give us an Idea of what you would like the finished product to feel like which will help when specifying fittings.

Another important item to bring with you, or at least have an educated idea of is a furniture placement plan. It is extremely beneficial for all parties to know how you are going to use your space and what/where your furniture will be placed. If you are unsure and need advice, we are more than happy to help with suggestions however everyone uses their homes differently so a rough idea is imperative for a smooth selection.

How you can book

Lighting consultations are by appointment only. Simply follow the link below to complete our consulation booking form.



Please contact us at if you would like to know more about our consultation pricing.