Our Elemental Collection portrays the craftmanship of using natural materials balanced with functional design to produce a selection of light fittings that not only appeal aesthetically but reflect the story of the maker behind the creation.
This collection is inspired by the natural world and depicts this in the shapes, materials, texture and intimate varying details that can be found with each piece. Combining honest materials with modern functional design these pieces will add a layer of charm to any home and bring with it the natural beauty of the worlds elements.

Adding in texture to your design is a great way to make your space feel inviting and grounded. By adding in texture it creates a sense of tone and mood, curving your way to portray a certain style and disposition to your design. Lighting is one of the best ways to add in contrasting materials or shapes to create this and bring the design together.

Styling by @breeleech 
Photography by @lisacohenphotoText

This blog is here to help narrow down all of our light fittings which are made from clay, ceramics, porcelain, concrete and stone to create that final touch to complete any design.

Clay, ceramics, porcelain

  House Of Silence by Maria Marinina

Concrete, stone

Contemporary Brass Floor Lamp