Lamps - How to lighten the mood?

How to lighten the mood?

No Matter how big or how small, there is always enough room to add in a lamp! Here at Lighting Collective, we ‘LOVE LAMP” and for more reasons than one! Lamps are the final piece of the puzzle, the perfect dollop of cream, the exact pinch of salt to your meal, the full stop at the end of your essay. Basically, what we are trying to say is that your room is not complete without the perfect lamp to finish it off!

Incorporating a lamp is a great way to create task and ambient lighting and lighten the mood in your space. As I’m sure you have heard time and time again to get the perfect lighting plan you need to layer your lighting. To do this you need to assess the space at hand and think about how you will use the area and the different atmospheres you wish to create. Below are a few of our favourite styles/tips to choose the perfect lamp for all the right reasons!

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Ambient lighting

The easiest way to incorporate ambient lighting in your home is by utilising the humble floor lamp.
Whether you are renting with limited say on the lighting or you just love to change your lighting with your mood, the floor lamp has you covered. Not only can you manipulate the light source to your emotions. An easy way to do this is by adding in a smart globe which give you the opportunity to dim, change colour tones, and set scenes in your home to slowly dim your lights and colour temperature as the night ages to help prepare the body for rest.

Task lighting

Whether you work or study from home, are an avid novelist or just need to wind down after the day is done, task lighting with the use of a table lamp will be ideal for you. With the current climate of “work from home” it has never been more important to invest in a lamp for your study/workspace. Having the right amount of illumination in your workspace aids productivity and reduces strain on the eyes. I am a big advocate for indirect lighting as it reduces glare and gives an even spread of light without any harsh direct beams. An uplighter lamp if best for this so I would always recommend looking for something adjustable in a study space that you can angle when a more direct light source is required but then adjust away for a softer general light source.

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Pair or Mix and Match

One of the biggest questions we get when it comes to the bedroom is should you pair your bedside lamps or is it ok to mix and match? I can assure you that it is completely ok to mix and match! The best way to do this would be to use two different lamps that create a different feel. To keep things aesthetic, I would recommend something that is small and a more of a soft glow that can be easily styled by some books or a candle with the other lamp maybe being slightly larger and more light emitting. Another way to do this is to have just a single bedside lamp and then a floor lamp in a far corner. This option gives you another element to layer your light!


Finally the most common question popping up in today’s lighting conversations is tech, and more specifically smart lighting! Should I add smart lighting to my lamp?

If you are happy with just a standard turn off and turn on lamp then this might not be for you however, if you like to dabble in the latest tech and trends then I say 100% yes, lets get smart!
Its so easy to add the element of smart lighting in your home with a lamp as all you need is a smart phone or tablet and a smart globe. There are so many on the market with all different options to look into but having the ability to turn on/off, dim, change colour temperature are the most import to consider when looking at smart globes. My favourite option is the ability to turn my lights on and off from any room in my house or even while I am away on holiday. This gives so much flexibility and always creates illumination in your home without the dreaded dark walk to your bedroom at night.

All in all, everyone needs a lamp and there is the perfect lamp just waiting for you!

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