Stay on Track | Track Lighting — The How To

Track lighting can be a nightmare to understand, that's why we have asked our very own lighting designer Sheridan Richardson to keep us on track by giving us the lowdown.


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How do I know track lighting is the right choice for my space?

There are three considerations when deciding if track lighting is right for your space: Necessity, requirement and of course design/form. Firstly, let necessity guide you. When you have concrete or low ceilings and minimal recess then track lighting can be the ideal solution to brighten your space. Track lighting is best to install on exposed beams in spaces with pitched roofs. The requirement will also help determine when to use track lighting, perfect for highlighting features or specifically highlighting designated areas. It's a great solution for gallery lighting, also for shop or café fit-outs. Finally, you need to love the look and the design/form of track lighting.. If you do, then go for it!


There are so many pieces, how do I know I have everything?

 You will need:

  • The track which is available in 1 or 2m lengths and is supplied with an end cap and a live feed. 
  • Track heads of which most of our ranges are integrated LED (no bulb required as the light source is built in and as LED has a super long life so will your product). 
  • If not integrated LED you will need bulbs – LED’s are our recommendation to save on your power bills and bulb replacement needs.
  • Optionally you may require straight or corner joiners to create longer lengths (more often used commercially)


Track Lighting | Lighting Collective


What are some considerations when choosing between the different types of track lighting?

  1. Style — which design do you prefer for your space
  2. Brand & Quality — Brightgreen is one of our favourite track lighting brands who has won international awards. Not only are they a clean, minimal design but their true-colour technology best replicates the warmth and colour render which halogen brought to track lighting in the past but with sustainably
  3. Warranty — some of our ranges have 1 year, 3 year and 5-year warranties which is a consideration when buying track lighting.
  4. Budget — what price range suits your needs.
  5. Use — are you installing for residential or commercial? Some of our ranges are more suited to commercial fit out as they have much higher lumen output (brightness).

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Olivia Lord
Creative Director | Lighting Collective