What is Eclectic Style?


Eclectic Style

Eclectic style is all about having fun and expressing your personality while creating a space with the objects you love. It is the ultimate celebration and collaboration of all interior styles and design periods. Eclectic style requires confidence in your design style and personality while keeping within the confines of good design principals. There is a fine line between contrast and chaos.


It is the contrast that makes these interiors work so well. Whether it be between the old and new, patterns and textures or even something as simple as colours it adds a depth of playfulness and energy to every space.


For eclectic style to really be present a space should feel disjointed and a little chaotic, a successful decor scheme should feel unified, with every design decision being a very deliberate one. There are a few key things to remember, pick a colour palette, balance bold choices with a neutral and don’t over crowd spaces.



Choosing a series of core colours to compliment your eclectic design is a great starting point and will double as a guide to help you edit and hone a creating a cohesive look.


We suggest you choose one neutral hue and one accent colour to get started. Using a calming neutral throughout will allow for a smart base colour to layer over, and prevent the room from feeling a tad too overbearing.


That neutral will work wonders alongside your chosen accent colour especially when applied to different aspects of a room to create a harmonious space instead of a mismatched and erratic one. As you go along add too and expand your core eclectic style palette by starting off with two classic tones for a studied yet nuanced take on eclectic home decor.  


Have fun with texture it will help bring the look to life. Contrast textures against one another for that distinct eclectic look.


Our Artistic and Eclectic collection combines the simplicity of Art aesthetics in modern, complex lighting structures. A beautifully curated Collection, these lights have been designed with the taste of opulence. The perfect mix of textures, shapes, and colour, this collection is imbued with artistic flair and personality. Curated as a range to evoke expression and appeal to the senses. Artistic and Eclectic pieces encompass a diverse collection of designs to create more than just light.


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