Bringing art into your home



Why not make it beautiful and functional

Art excites our senses as it relies on human creativity and imagination while encompassing a wide range of human activities that aim to express beauty, emotion, and conceptual ideas. There is no agreed definition of what constitutes art, and ideas have changed over time. 


But it is often explained as an expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture. A production of works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.


There is no hiding that art can totally make or break a space and at times can be a rather large investment. In our opinion it is also often underrated and something that should be forward thought rather than just an afterthought once the budget is looking a tad sad.

We like to think of art in the broader sense rather than just that of a painting hanging on a wall but something that will bring joy and function allowing a space to come alive with personality and flair.

Feature and Function

Your personal taste is definitely a consideration, as this is the opportunity to really go with something you love and have a bit of fun! However, it’s not the only consideration.


Honestly, getting the colour and shape right is more important than personal taste. But you can totally have your cake and eat it too. If you find a piece of art you adore, then you can build your room’s colour scheme around that piece.


Art also has a certain way of filling but also at times crowding a room. With the recent trend of pairing back and embracing minimal design we have found clients opting out of decorative wall coverings and mantel dresses and embracing functional art within their lighting selections.


tip: why not ask your lighting consultant about globe options to help create the perfect finishing touch.

Looking at light

Not only is it about finding the most desirable and gallery worthy fitting but exploring the light shadow play and light spread the fitting may cast. With the technology and options we have available to us due to the advancements in bulb technology we can have full control of our light source. Many lighting designers are now creating fittings with this in mind and may even give the purchases some freedoms with this at installation stage.


Three's a party!


Get artistic in voids and areas with a larger ceiling height by clustering multiple pendants. Rows and clusters of lights hung in interesting ways and even in grand installations can be a really engaging and beautiful way to use smaller pendants for a real statement or impact moment in your space.



tip: take the time to consider simple pieces and how they could be grouped in your space. We have plenty of different suspension and ceiling rose options we can suggest for large installations.

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