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  • Summer Tips: Outdoor Oasis

    Oct 11 2017

    Summer is well and truly on its way and the team at Lighting Collective have sourced the latest style and lighting tips to make your very...

  • Bathroom Pendant Lighting and Chandeliers

    Aug 09 2017

    Hanging lights such as pendants and chandeliers are a great way to add your personality to a space and provide an elegant and luxurious a...

  • Bathroom Lighting Tips

    Aug 02 2017

    A bathroom lighting plan should include a combination of task and ambient lighting, installed on a dimmer to adjust the light output and ...

  • Bedroom Lighting

    Jul 26 2017

    Your bedroom is your sanctuary, a place to retreat and unwind after a busy day. Bedroom lighting should evoke a feeling of pure comfort a...

  • Tasteful Track Lighting

    Jun 28 2017

    The most versatile and functional lighting option, surface mounted track lighting is perfect for interiors where recessed lighting is n...