Style Guide

Welcome to our Modern Farmhouse blog, where we delve into the inspiring lighting designs of contemporary rustic living. Our blog serves as a celebration of this aesthetic combining elements of coastal simplicity, Scandinavian minimalism, and old-world charm. Here, we highlight the appeal of slow living, intentional design, and the creation of serene sanctuaries. We'll also explore how to select lighting that will enhance the canvas of a Modern Farmhouse.

Styling Modern Farmhouse lies in a delicate balance between old and new. It's about honouring the craftsmanship of traditional design while embracing the clean lines, sleek finishes, and minimalist sensibilities of modern influences. It's a style that celebrates the beauty of imperfection and the appeal of simple pleasures.

Coastal Inspired Lighting and Scandinavian: We recommend coastal-inspired and refined Scandinavian lighting to illuminate modern farmhouse spaces. Channeling the laid-back nature of coastal living, opt for fixtures crafted from natural materials like wood, rope, fabric or rattan. Complement this with the clean lines and minimalist elegance of Scandinavian design, selecting sleek fixtures crafted from plaster, metal, or stone. Scandinavian-inspired pendant lights or wall sconces can add modern sophistication while maintaining an inviting ambiance.


Minimalist Elegance: Incorporate minimalist lighting fixtures that blend seamlessly with the clean, uncluttered aesthetic of modern farmhouse style. Choose fixtures with simple shapes and muted tones, such as matte black or brushed brass, to create a sense of understated elegance. Minimalist pendant lights or track lighting can provide functional illumination without overpowering the natural beauty of your space.




Rustic Old-World Charm: Infuse your modern farmhouse with rustic old-world charm through lighting fixtures that evoke a sense of history and heritage. Look for fixtures with distressed finishes, antique-inspired designs, or intricate detailing, which add character and warmth to your space. Rustic chandeliers, lanterns, or wall-mounted lights can transport you to a bygone era while illuminating your modern farmhouse with style.

Local and Worldwide Designers: Support local artisans and worldwide designers who specialize in crafting unique, handcrafted lighting fixtures that reflect the diverse influences of modern farmhouse style. From small-batch ceramic pendant lights to artisanal wrought iron chandeliers, seek out designers who prioritize quality craftsmanship and innovative design.

In the modern farmhouse aesthetic, lighting serves as more than just a functional necessity—it's a reflection of one's style, personality, and values. By drawing inspiration from coastal, Scandinavian, and minimal design influences, infused with rustic old-world charm, you can create a space that embraces slow living, intentional design, and the tranquil sanctuaries of rural refinement.