The House Of Silence

Gushing over these interiors! The House Of Silence by Maria Marinina is a nod to the arts and crafts movement, perfectly executed with Russian precision and attention to detail. Lighting and materials meet in a blend of organic and contemporary styles to create this warm and relaxed space.

Dispersed over endlessly charismatic textures is a neutral palette of earthy tones. The use of natural materials teamed with the mottled paint texture and the imperfection of raw concrete adds depth and warmth to the space.

House Of Silence

Marinina’s projection of shape and form embraces the intricate elements of her design and allows them to feel structured and ordered. There is a common theme of pairs or groups of two throughout the space but by the use of scale and size their symmetry has been disrupted so as to not distort the organic feel throughout.

House Of Silence

All lighting is customisable even once installed. By the use of adjustable spots, it allows the inhibitor to perfectly light their surrounds for any intended use. As they are fully adjustable it also allows them to create decorative directional light such as washing of the wall and uplighting the roof.

The use of swing arm wall lamps introduces a sense of fun and have become the statement piece in each space. By keeping the ceiling free from intrusive pendants the openness, highlights the sense of grandeur and freedom. These adjustable wall lamps are extremely useful as a direct functional light source yet can be pushed easily aside to be used as a more atmospheric light.

 The interiors of The House of Silence are perfectly balanced in their rawness and refined, elegant nature.

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