Colour Insights 2024

Colourful Hues as Neutrals 

This year marks an exciting shift in design, as colourful hues move beyond their traditional accent roles to emerge as neutrals. We anticipate a captivating evolution of neutrality, where blues & greens, enriched with natural undertones, impart a sense of cosiness. The warmth of terracotta and rustic browns will guide us to sun-kissed havens and grounded serenity.

Welcoming the vibrant transition is the gentle Peach Fuzz. Designed to evoke a spirit of nurture and kindness, it invites livliness into every space, creating an upliting aesthetic for the year ahead.

B L U E | G R E E N


Embrace the allure of azure as we predict a trend toward airy & watery hues this year. The versatility of blue is truly remarkable; it can cool down a space, adding a refreshing touch, or infuse warmth, adding a sense of grounding. Bring the colour of the outside in to refine and enhance your living space.




Green, a timeless favourite, continues to captivae our design hearts. As more innovative designs cross our path, we anticipate a surge in the popularity of green colourways, adorning walls and interiors with its appeal this year. From sage ceramics to the rich elegance of deep emerald marble, this versatile colour exquisitely compliments nature-inspired decor. Explore the endless design possibilities of incorporating these captivating shades into your home.





T E R R A C O T T A | B R O W N

The rustic charm of brown and terracotta hues in design trends remains, and this year we foresee them stepping out from the backdrop to statement hand-crafted lighting. Expect to witness the emergence of raw and unrefined wall lights, alongside honey-hued pendants, illuminating spaces with a distinct, artisan flair.




Embark on a style journey of intrigue exploring rich, natural tones paired with expertly crafted lighting designs. This curated collection promises to enhance spaces with a balance of function and organic texture.  



Whether you're captivated by the warmth of terracotta or the grounded elegance of rustic charms, this versatile palette adapts to various design preferences. Immerse yourself in the raw beauty of clay, the authenticity of country-style metals, & the craftmanship of handmade timber fittings.



More than just a colour choice, Peach Fuzz, Pantone's designated hue for 2024, emerges as an invitation to compassion and kindness. This velvety blush orange introduces a touch of playfulness to spaces. The soft, heartfelt nature of this colour becomes a crucial element to surround ourselves with, creating an ambiance that encourages warmth & positivity.

As we embrace the essence of Peach Fuzz, we're excited to annouce the integration of more peachy tones into our lighting offerings throughout this year. These additions will aim to not only enhance the visual appeal of your spaces but also the overall atmosphere.