Material Insights 2024

Designs we are anticipating

As we bid farewell to 2023 and welcome 2024, the air is filled with an energy of anticipation and excitement. It's now the moment when we search for glimmers of what's to come.

This year we are forecasting lighting trends of organic stone textures to share the spotlight. Expect to see the earthy elegance of Travertine, Onyx and Marble, bringing a touch of the outdoors in. But it's not all about raw organic beauty, we are looking forward to colourful hues stepping out of the accent role, claiming their place as the new neutrals. Blues and Greens with earthy undertones, the warmth of terracotta and the softness of peach creating serene & expressive spaces. Find out more about the colours we are predicitng for 2024 in our Colour Edit.


'Everything changes, even Stone'
Claude Monet

Travertine emerges from history, reimagined in exquisite forms for today's spaces. Its unique texture and warm hues evoke a sense of grounding. We are expecting to see Travertine trends throughout this year in the form of eye-catching wall lights & sculptural lamp bases. Verstile in form & palette this collection will enhance minimal havens or rustic retreats. Keep an eye on this range as we will be adding more exciting designs as 2024 unfolds.

While the term "onyx" once encompassed various banded stones in Roman times, it has since shifted to solely refer to the captivating agate variety. Prized for its protective qualities, stunning beauty and its translucency that allows light to play through its layers, creating captivating effects when backlit or showcasing intricate patterns when illuminated from within.  

The unique characteristics of Onyx has elevated this organic material to be a popular choice in the design world, where it graces spaces with both elegance & intrigue. Throughout 2024 we are predicting to see this stone take many more forms.


Used for centuries for architectural marvels, we are excited to see the story of Marble lighting unfold and share the spotlight this year. Lighting visionaries have tranformed marble into sculptural pieces, showcasing the delicate veining of this natural stone. This collection offers fittings that evoke a sense of luxury, from uniquely shaped sconces to sleek pendants. Marbles versatility shines through in a range of colourways from deep greens to earthy browns. Expect to see more designs embrace the legacy of marble this year.