Project Feature | Le Jardin | Lisa Danielle

Le Jardin


Taking cues from French design elements and drawing inspiration from Lisa's personal vision board, this petite Farmhouse exudes grandeur in both its design and charm. Our lighting recommendations were crafted to infuse this space with captivating intrigue and visionary beauty. We asked our consultant, Sophia, a few questions about this process below.

What inspired the initial recommendations for this space?

We worked with Lisa and Jamie to curate a space that embodies the essence of slow and simple living. Every element throughout the home has been carefully thought through to create an ambient and nostalgic energy, where Lisa and her family create and capture precious memories and treasure their day to day routines. As well as aesthetically pleasing, each of the fittings were thoughtfully selected and positioned to be practical within the charming parameters of Le Jardin, ensuring there is a perfect balance between task and ambient lighting.

How did you and Lisa work together to select the perfect pieces for her dream farmhouse?

Using Lisa's carefully curated mood boards for inspiration, we were able to envision very quickly which pieces would work well to embody her overall vision. There was a lot of influence from European farmhouses, and Lisa adores the Parisian style. We wanted to incorporate pieces that had texture and character that added to the overall charm and style of the home.

For example the stunning Organic Sculpted Chandelier Light over the kitchen island that provides the most beautiful indirect light and balanced these pieces out with some more classic styles, such as the Contemporary Plaster Wall Lights that Lisa had rendered to seamlessly blend into the living area. We chose an exterior fitting that reflected signature farmhouse style with a domed shade and gooseneck arm. The overall process did not take long at all as Lisa had a very clear vision that we quickly fell in love with ourselves

- Sophia, LC Lighting Consultant 

Le Jardin, true to its name, is surrounded by the most exquisite gardens, enhancing it's whimsical design. Lisa Danielle has successfully transported the essence of the south of France to this picturesque Australian locale. It was an absolute pleasure to collaborate with Lisa and play a part in bringing one of her lifelong dreams to fruition.