Project | Temple of the Sun

Temple of the Sun Jewellery provides the perfect texturing to any boho wardrobe or the finishing touch for any modern-day minimalist.

They have recently opened the doors to their head office/ boutique and welcome you to come by for the ultimate immersive experience. The building is shrouded in rainforest trees and is powered by the sun!

The space is perfectly balanced and provides the ultimate stage to showcase not only the beautiful jewellery pieces themselves but the lifestyle and passion that is the centre of this brand.

They have used sets of track lighting allowing them to have full control of the light source and be able to easily highlight or spotlight areas within the space. (Maybe something about lighting the jewellery here… to sure)

It is a very interactive space with candles burning, hot tea and plenty of mirrors at the ready for you to try on the jewel’s that are showcased throughout in brass lined cases.

There is also an art gallery space at the back and an incredible wrought iron staircase leading to the loft space of our dreams.

Everything these guys do is considered and seamlessly organic in nature and this space is the perfect representation of this.

“From free-living, festival attire to evening wear, this is more than a trend, it’s a lifestyle.”