Project Feature | Sun Ranch

Sun Ranch

Coopers Shoot, Byron Bay

'the hotel of good times'

Sun Ranch, a distinguished new addition to Byron Bay's hinterland, unfolds over 55 acres in the picturesque Coopers Shoot. This architectural masterpiece seamlessly blends the laidback allure of the 1970s with captivating Spanish influences, crafting a design narrative that gracefully incorporates nostalgic elements. From the chic 1970s style, evoking a Californian paradise, to the infusion of Spanish charm, Sun Ranch stands as a testament to the art of harmonious design. Discover pockets of tranquility intertwined with spaces that boldly push boundaries.

Recently spotlighted in Vogue Australia, The Rolling Stone, and The Design Files, this Californian-inspired ranch is quickly becoming a design oasis, one stop destination. Welcoming creatives and holidaymakers alike, it beckons all to relax and retreat in its unique charm. Recognised for its distinctive character and vintage influence, the ranch not only mirrors the creative spirit of its owners but also fosters an inviting and warm atmosphere

In a nod to Byron's eco-minded ethos, Sun Ranch prioritizes sustainability, actively working to minimise the hotel's environmental footprint. The commitment to eco-consciousness extends into the decor, where vintage designs takes centre stage. One-of-a-kind, repurposed furniture is woven into the interiors, reflecting a dedication to both style and sustainability. The design narrative continues with a rich tapestry of textures, featuring a colour palette adorned with warm, rustic tones of ruby red, khaki, and terracotta. This distinctly vintage aesthetic imbues every room with character and a sense of timeless appeal.

The space and design are a collaborative masterpiece led by co-owners Julia Ashwood and Jamie Blakey, the visionary founder of One Teaspoon, joined by a dynamic team of creatives including Mylee Grace and Claire Greaves, co-founder of PE Nation. The creative force behind Sun Ranch also includes talents such as Ronnie Blakey, Tim Tregoning, Matt Rabbidge, Kelly Searl, Chris Searl, and
Greg Mathew.
Photographed by Anson Smart and Jessie Prince.

Styled by Joseph Gardner.