Project Feature | The Swell

The Swell


In the heart of Byron Bay


'feel right at home'

The Swell embraces the nostalgia of 50s motels with its low-slung lines, geometric shapes, and sepia tones. Envision the clean lines of contemporary design paired with soft pastels reminiscent of Palm Springs, all interwoven with the natural elements of coastal aesthetics, mere moments from the centre of Byron Bay.

One of the many captivating aspects of the Swell is its profound respect for local culture. From the culinary offerings to the artistic expression and the meticulous interior design, every detail reflects the vision of owners Dayna Decker and Andrew Martin, in collaboration with the talented local designer Nyree Mackenzie. Their dedication to merging cutting-edge design, holistic wellness, and a nomadic ethos ensures that The Swell delivers an unforgettable experience, creating a fusion of indulgent luxury with the laid-back lifestyle emblematic of Byron Bay.

Recently spotlighted in Vogue Living

"One such standout element is the lighting objects found throughout the hotel, designed by Marovo Island Traders (Matthew Woodfield) and crafted from Fossil Coral found on his home in the Solomon Islands"  


The incorporation of lighting elements from Marovo Island Traders in Newrybar is particularly noteworthy. Instantly mesmerising, these coastal-inspired lighting fixtures beautifully complement the sepia-toned palettes, rich dark timbers, and velvet furnishings. They not only illuminate the space but also highlight the curated attention to detail and the reverence for the coastal ambianc that defines The Swell experience.  

The space and design are a collaborative masterpiece led by co-owners
Andrew Maltin and DayNa Decker in collaboartion with local interior designer Nyree Mackenzie
Photographed by Andy Macpherson
Sourced from the Swell & Marovo Island Traders