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Designer Spotlight

Room by Room / Jessica White

We have been working alongside Jessica White, Director of Room by Room, and thought it was about time we had a proper chat and who better to talk bathrooms with. Room by Room is a bespoke interior design company that strive to create comfortably beautiful interior solutions reflecting their client’s needs and unique personalities.


Your key principals when creating your visual story?

My key principles with every space are visual balance, function and in many projects an element of fun and interest.

I like letting materials or features have space to breath and be appreciated, not cluttering an environment with too many visual cues.


How have you used lighting within bathroom design? Why these pieces, what is their purpose? What mood do they help create?

I like to balance function and feature, usually overhead lighting paired with wall lighting or in some cases a pendant.

I always enjoy having a feature wall light near the vanity and mirror, as ambience in a bathroom or any space is important. These wall lights can also be a great source for task lighting, for things such as makeup application and shaving.

What do you hope people will feel when in the space? What was it designed for?

For bathrooms, I like creating a sanctuary a place of relaxation but also function and I always hope they feel privacy, comfortable and relaxed.

When designing your concept for a bathroom space, do you consider the lighting in the planning stage?

Yes, I always considering lighting in the early part of any project and have found this a very important element of an interior scheme. It is also crucial to consider lighting in the early stage so the budget is available for these key pieces.  

What are your must haves when it comes to bathroom design?

Implementing the right texture and finish, functionality and durability.

What are your must haves when it comes to bathroom lighting?

Must be suitable for a bathroom environment, also durability. I like to explore different types of lighting in every project. I am less inclined these days to incorporate LED strip lighting and include unique wall or surface mounted ceiling lights.

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Do you try and match your light elements with the tap ware or find something that contrast works best?

I do not always match tap-wear with lighting. It depends on the client and the general scheme of the home. I do prefer softer less decorative wall or pendant lighting for a bathroom. However, there are never any rules with lighting!

Why are different styles of lighting essential? Do you separately switch your different styles of light?

I think different lighting styles are essential so you can create different ambience during different times of the day. Functional or brighter lighting during times when you may doing your make-up or for your beginning of the day shower. Then softer more ambient lighting at night time, for when it is time to unwind before bed.

"I do prefer softer less decorative wall or pendant lighting for a bathroom. However, there are never any rules with lighting!"

Jessica White

What’s next for Room By Room?

At the moment, we have been very busy with residential projects both here in Australia and in New Zealand and a few projects in the works that are very exciting.

We also plan to try and work on another grouping of custom furniture this year that can be procured through our website: