Outdoor Oasis

Summer is well and truly on its way and the team at Lighting Collective have sourced the latest style and lighting tips to make your very own Outdoor Oasis!

Tip #1: Stick with your Theme! Always match your Exterior look with your Interior Styling and Architecture to create a similar look and feel. When picking out furnishings or garden features go for a similar style and colour scheme to tie it all in. Interior Design Expert Jacinta Preston suggests The easiest way to make an outdoor entertaining space work is to take your favourite items from the indoors, out. Familiar elements such as chandeliers, mirrors, rugs and art create a sophisticated ‘glamping’ feel.”

Image Credit: The Pause

Image Credit: The Pause

Tip #2: Whether you like long lazy lunches at a table or lounging around on a couch, think about your preferred entertainment style and create your space around that purpose. Consider weather protection for your space like shelter from the sun and rain. Add a fan for those super hot days, enabling you to use your space year round.

                                                                    Image Credit: Beach House Byron Bay

Tip #3: Center your space around a nice view for you and your guests to admire. This creates a relaxed vibe and can be an awesome conversation piece. If your garden does not have a view then create one yourself! There are lots of ideas on Pinterest for DIY plant feature pieces which are stunning.

Tip #4: Consider adding a water element to your outdoor living area for a tranquil environment. Water features create something interesting to look at and the sound of water flow is natural ambiance.

Tip#5: Lighting is fundamental to set the mood right! Create a warm inviting environment with festoons, wall lights, exterior pendant lights (interior pendants can be used just ensure they'll hold up against the weather e.g. Rattan or timber pendants are perfect) and candlelight. There are so many options for whatever look you’re going for! Lighting should be used to highlight paths and soft ambient lighting used for lounge/dining areas.

Image Credit: Love from Luff (The Halcyon House)

Image Credit: Gabriella Smith (Spell Event at The Beach House Byron)