Project Feature | Copperstone



Bangalow, Byron Bay

We spoke with Emma Lane about her design process and future plans for Copperstone, crafted as an agrarian retreat embracing slow living, reverence for nature, and European heritage in its aesthetic. Situated across 48 acres of serene Bangalow countryside within the broader Byron Bay shire, this idyllic destination draws inspiration from the historic and artistic township. As visitors enter Copperstone via a long driveway, they immediately sense a transportive journey, evoking the tranquil essence of the Tuscan hills.

What makes a home?

A place that feels lived in, with warmth and character, and elements that are unique and connected to the family that dwells there.

Why this property?

The main driver in the beginning was the fact it would be the perfect horse property. It's on 50 flat acres of perfect pastures, with the house site on a slight elevation overlooking the property, giving you a great perspective over the whole estate.


What was the concept behind this project?

The real essence is that it's a holiday house for our family and a holiday escape for other families to enjoy.

What are your favourite lighting elements at Copperstone?

The spotlights over the pizza oven and artworks that are on a long extended arm. These are super cool and highlight special artworks and spaces. I also love the linen wall lights in the main living room.


What are your key principles when creating your visual story?

Consistency. There’s a story in the design and a visual delight at every turn and in every room.

What is your inspiration for Copperstone and how did it evolve from other projects?

It really is the sibling of The Range but with a more sophisticated feel. The inspiration was Equestrian European elegance meets Australian heritage.

What do you hope people will feel when in the space? What was it designed for?

Connected and at home, yet transported to another place, perhaps even a feeling of somewhere in Europe.

What did your selection process involve?

Reflecting back to the original dream boards that had an old English and European feel.


How was your experience with the Lighting Collective consults team?

The team really understood the brief and helped by suggesting pieces that were unique and relevant to the space we were creating.


What’s next, do you have anything on the horizon for 2025?

A little rest and recoup for a few months. Last year saw the completion of our Highlands project as well as Copperstone. It’s time to reflect and dream up the next project.


The space and design are a collaborative masterpiece led by owners Emma and Tom Lane