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E27 | T45 LED Short Filament | 3Watt

Description Carbon Filament Style LED Globe These low wattage globes are a great choice to achieve the warm, charming ambiance of old-style carbon filaments with a much lower energy consumption. The warmest LED replica currently on the market, we have found these to be the best representation of the colour and output of incandescent bulbs and are our top recommendation. In addition to this, unlike other LED replicas currently on the market, the entire range is dimmable! The LED power source uses just 3 watts of power to produce a high output of 350 lumens and is rated for 10,000 hours. Dimmer Info These 3G drivers have had improvements in technology within the dimming driver located in the screw base of the bulb itself that has undergone recent upgrades. These circuitry improvements have fixed problems with flickering of our filaments and the range and smoothness of dimming. The result is a far more reliable light bulb. Gone are the days of flickering bulbs when dimmed!  Vintage LED bulbs have the best success with the latest and most common household and commercial lighting dimmers, however with the upgrade in dimming driver technology, it’s proving to have great results across the board with not only Trailing Edge Dimming Systems but a wide range of control technology with our 3G bulbs.
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Voltage240 Volt
BaseStandard E27 screw fitting
Lumen Out-Put350lm
Warranty2 yrs
Lead Time 5-7 Business days